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26 Oct 2022

Webinar on the Abortion Care Quality Tool


There is a critical need for a common suite of measures to evaluate the quality of abortion care in low- and middle-income countries. These measures must also go beyond the safety of the immediate procedure to assess client’s actual needs and values for their abortion care. Standardized measurement of abortion care quality that includes client perspectives, contributes to improved health outcomes.

The ACQTool - developed by Ipas, Ibis Reproductive Health and Metrics for Management - can be used to routinely assess the quality of abortion services an individual has received during and after their abortion experience. This webinar series will dive into the nuts and bolts of how to use the recently launched Abortion Care Quality Tool (ACQTool). We will cover the research underlying the tool’s development, as well as how to collect, analyze, and interpret your data. Join us over the following dates:

  • October 26th at 9am EST – Implementation in facilities
  • November 2nd at 9am EST – Implementation in pharmacies (and related contexts)
  • November 10th at 9am EST – Implementation in hotlines (and related contexts)

Come learn about the tool, how to use it and the information it produces, and how you can transform your project with its data!


Dr. Nirali Chakraborty
Director of Research and Technical Assistance
Metrics for Management

Dr. Caitlin Gerdts
Vice President of Research
Ibis Reproductive Health

Dr. Erin Pearson
Associate Director of Learning and Innovation

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