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05 Jun 2019

Are you seeking advice about a pregnancy or an abortion?

MSI Reproductive Choices


Pathways to care, New technologies, Self-administration

There are several useful websites available for women and pregnant people who are looking for advice about a pregnancy or an abortion.

If you think you might be pregnant and would like support on what to do next, whether that’s to continue with the pregnancy or choose to terminate, the following websites will help you access support:

Information Hotlines

The following website contains a list of phone numbers that you can call to get advice and a referral for health care in your country. Local hotlines will be able to advise on the options available to you and how to seek help if needed.

Access the list of safe abortion hotlines

Not all countries have a hotline, but you can also look at the sites below.

MSI Reproductive Choices' Contact Centres

MSI Reproductive Choices run over 20 contact centres across their country programmes, delivering free and impartial advice on contraception, pregnancy crisis management and reproductive health. Centres provide information via a number of routes, including over the phone, social media, SMS and WhatsApp.

Access the list of centres and how to contact them


safe2choose is a free and multilingual online counseling platform that connects women around the world to accurate and bespoke information on safe abortion. safe2choose's counselors and doctors are trained to support women throughout their medical abortion, whether in their own homes or through safe referral to a local provider. Contact safe2choose's counselors at

Find out more and contact safe2choose

Women on Web

Women on Web has a free-to-access helpdesk that’s supervised by medical doctors, who can provide advice about abortion and respond to thousands of emails every day. Women on Web do not have a phone number but respond to every email received via

Find out more and contact Women on Web

Women Help Women

Women Help Women is a group of trained counselors and activists who can provide advice on abortion and answer any questions you may have. Their medical abortion service is provided in collaboration with a doctor and other medical experts. Contact Women Help Women via

Find out more and contact Women Help Women